About Me

Atul Rana TutorI found tutoring completely by accident, but once I started tutoring I could never get enough of it! I took a pay cut and left my full time job to become a tutor. I have made up for that initial pay cut and I now tutor full time as a dedicated professional.

Tutoring Experience

  • Over 10 years (more than 5000 hours) of one to one tuition.
  • 4 years of online tuition.
  • 7 years experience of live-in residential tutoring with families.
  • Teaching assistant at London primary and secondary schools.
  • Specialist Marker for GCSE exam scripts for Edexcel board.


  • PhD : Tribology, Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London.
  • MEng : Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London.
  • Mechanical Engineer : Rolls Royce Plc. Trainee roles in Design and Manufacturing.
  • Business Analyst (Software) : CRU Group London. Modelling long term metal commodity price forecasts.
  • PRS registered performing musician

My story – Growing up all over the world and a terrible start at Maths

There I was at a new school in a new country, new language and new syllabus…again. I was only 11 and I had been in 5 different schools by then across 4 countries. I was quietly slipping behind in Maths and at 13 I failed it. Luckily my dad had been a Maths tutor before he had joined the Indian Diplomatic service. I only knew one thing at the time though, and that was that my summer holidays were sure over!

He woke me up early every morning (while my siblings slept) and tutored me one to one Maths for a whole month. I slowly became better and better at Maths and there really was no looking back after that. I passed my re-take with flying colours and the foundation that dad had set meant I was never, ever again to struggle at Maths. I had now lived in Yemen, Libya, Kenya and India and learnt to live and deal with an incredible amount of culture. My eventual home was to be in London.

Imperial College London and my hobby as a rock musician

In 2005 I graduated from Imperial College London with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. In 1999 I had completed my undergraduate degree there in Mechanical Engineering. In that time I had been a teaching volunteer for two local state schools, I had run undergraduate laboratories and tutored one to one guitar to students. I also became singer/manager of my own rock band, which is still going.

Why I chose to become a tutor?

After getting a degree and PhD in the UKs most presigious Science University I got some really cool jobs, I have worked for Rolls Royce and in the City designing Economic Software models. But I left my city job voluntarily (at a time when people were hanging on to their jobs because of the recession) to tutor children.

I enjoy tutoring because of the difference I can make to children’s lives, and by that to their families lives. I do this because of the many letters, emails, texts I get thanking me of the difference I make. I do this because of the things I myself learn from being involved with different people and families. I have tutored children of world leaders, celebrities, and of all social demographics. I have done tutoring in state schools, independent schools and even in a village shack in India where my grandfather grew up. I amass new and fascinating experiences year on year, and things always get better and ever more interesting!