• Does your child struggle with maths or Science?

  • Or find it hard to be focused and motivated, but is very capable?

  • Or just wants a little bit more individual help in the all important GCSE, SAT or A Level exams?

I am Atul Rana, a full time private tutor with 10 years experience and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. I can tutor your child wherever they are in the world.

In addition to the tuition alone there are so many other important benefits in taking up tuition with me. I have transformed the lives of many children and become a part of my clients’ family. Tutoring and coaching is about a human connection, empathy and being fluent with the content to then educate the student in an individually tailored and focused way. I am a teacher, a mentor and often a great friend as my testimonials show.

See a short video of me with a very easy demonstration on the meaning of pi

Please have a look around this site and contact me to to ask information relevant to your child’s tuition needs.

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