We have been delighted with Atul’s teaching ability. He has had a major impact on the children’s learning. He has shown versatility and imagination being able to teach each one of our 3 boys and our daughter in an individual way. He has always been conscientious and worked himself as well as the children hard and accomplished great results. He is extremely courteous and has become part of the family.
– Mrs Juliet M (parent)

I was given your contact details by a friend of mine and I have heard nothing but good things about you!
– Mrs Belinda F (parent)

Atul has been tutoring our son in Physics and Maths for the past four months. Our son’s confidence in both subjects has increased in that short time, and his marks have gone from C to A* in his school exams. Atul is passionate about the subjects he teaches, yet is also very aware of current exam board requirements as he prepares our son for his upcoming exams. Our son says he appreciates Atul’s calm and engaging manner and the fact that he is flexible and will quickly find a way to clarify anything than needs further explanation. We highly recommend Atul as a Maths and Science tutor.
– Gillian B (parent)

I would highly recommend Atul as a tutor. He is patient, clear, and has excellent empathy with his pupils.
– Katharine D (parent)

Thank you so much for tutoring me over the last three years, it has been quite an experience. You are the kindest, coolest and most understanding tutor ever.
– Francis M (adult student)

Atul is a fantastic tutor. He works so well in improving confidence in Maths and Science. His techniques are really effective. He took my daughter from a C grade to an A grade in both Science and Maths.
– Ruth R (parent)

Atul helped prepare my daughter for her GCSE maths exam in June 2014. His approach was brilliant. He found out what she needed to work on improving and then gave her practice and tips in a very accessible way (including homework!) I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and I will certainly be asking him to help when my daughter does A level maths.
– Vivien B (parent)

I can highly recommend Atul for his maths tutoring. He is calm and patient and with his help my daughter just achieve an A grade at GCSE.
– Lucy L (parent)

I was not expected to do very well in Maths A level, which was a problem as I hoped to study Engineering at University. Atul came and stayed with us for a few days in the build up to the exams. Grades went from a predicted D to an A. What changed wasn’t only an ability to solve equations but more importantly a developed excitement for the learning process (motivation). 5 years on I’m now tutoring maths in holidays for extra income…but all traceable back to Atul’s efforts on my behalf. I would encourage anyone to benefit from Atul’s tutoring style.
– Humphrey M (ex student)

Atul has tutored all 3 of our sons during the past two years. He tutored our eldest son Humphrey in order to pass his ‘A’ Level Maths. Humphrey needed an A grade as he wanted to do Engineering at Durham University. He was predicted a C grade by his school. He gained a high A grade in his exam and he recognised that this good result was mainly due to the teaching he had received from Atul. Our second son who has Special Education needs got his highest GCSE in Maths, a B grade. Atul has taught him with enormous amount of patience. Finally he helped our third son prepare for his Common Entrance higher papers. He gained a strong A in his results and eventually gained an A* at IGCSE Maths.
– Mrs Juliet M (parent)

Our thanks, genuinely felt, for the tutoring you have provided Katie. She has gained hugely from it; not least in confidence – she now knows she can understand things she finds difficult at first if she works at them or finds the key to unlocking them. You have a real gift, as your insightful notes also show. It is also a pleasure to have you staying with us; you fit in very well and have the knack of getting on with everyone, another rare gift. We look forward to seeing to the next time you come and see us – whether tutoring or simply as a friend of the family.
– Mrs Henrietta W (parent)

Atul was great at boosting confidence as well as actually teaching the subject. I was also particularly impressed with his judgement and pacing – he had a really great handle on when to push and when they weren’t ready for this. He was genuinely interested in my son’s state of mind more than meeting an exam deadline.
– Mrs Lisa C (parent)

Atul has helped tutor 3 of my children at different stages of their education and all 3 children have different needs. He helped tutor my eldest with his GCSEs in Maths, Chemistry and Biology – and helped him achieve A* in all 3 subjects. My daughter has been asked to take Maths GCSE a year early, and Atul has helped her go over the areas she is having trouble with. He has helped her feel a lot more confident with Maths, Chemistry and Physics. Atul has also helped my 11 year old daughter – who struggles with maths – making sure that she has more confidence and helping her build on what she knows. It has had a positive impact when back at school – which has been great. Atul has been enthusiastic and fun with all the children and they have all responded well with him. He is easy to have around and definitely has the childrens’ best interests at heart. He is always keen to find out what will help the individual child and how to unlock their ability. I am sure we will be asking Atul to help with the children for a while yet!
– Mrs Lucinda S (parent)