Maths Manipulatives

Cuisenaire Rods

These are an invaluable manipulative to help understand many ideas in maths.

I would recommend parents buy the mini set of cuisenaire rods.
Association of Mathematics Teachers guide – suitable for parents.
Playing with Cuisenaire – For both parents and teachers

Algebra Tiles

Working with Algebra Tiles. Virtual Algebra tiles on mathsbot.

Two sided counters

For teaching negative numbers. Virtual counters on mathsbot.


The Dyscalculia Solution – The best book out there to help understand Dyscalculia and slowly find the best way to tutor maths to your child.

The Secret History of Writing

The Story of Electricity

Beautifully produced BBC 4 documentary presented by Professor Jim Al Khalili. Electricity is one of the hardest and more abstract parts of GCSE Physics and because we can’ts see or contextualize it, it can be hard to understand. This 3 part documentary shows the history of electricity right from the start, including magical moments, magicians and incredible personal struggles (War of the Currents) that had to be fought in order to bring the world of electricity to me and you today.

Atom : What are these tiny atoms we cannot see? If we can’t see them then how can they have such a profound impact on who we are, what the universe is and where did we come from? These are deep questions, but Professor Jim Al Khalili explains these elegantly in another great BBC 4 documentary. This is another 3 part documentary video which is compulsory watching for all my GCSE students of Physics and Chemistry.

Transverse and Longitudinal waves