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Magnets Floating in Thin Air Demonstration

Science has some pretty awesome and cool things. Some of them you really have to see to believe! Recently I started a Facebook page for my tuition services. As many of my friends, clients and students know, I am a huge fan of video with my music. And recently Facebook live allows me to livestream gigs to friends across the world. So I took that idea to heart and livestreamed a Physics lesson for about 3 minutes.

In this very simple lesson, I show a very cool demonstration of a magnet floating, or levitating in air. I explain why in the video. Please do comment if you that has got you thinking.

Independent Tutors Drinks – 21 Jan 2017 London

Being an independent tutor can often be lonely business, but there’s so much potential from many of us professional tutors to meet and learn from each other. So come out and meet some new work colleagues, exchange stories, tutoring tips, teaching resources and even pass on referrals. I have got some work through referrals from other tutors by meeting them in person or online. There’s a small community of us that like to meet, socialise and discuss this special type of private teaching!

  • Date : Saturday 21 January 2017
  • Venue : The Larrik Pub32 Crawford Place, Marylebone London W1H 5NN
  • Time : 6:00pm onwards
London Private Tutors Meet up

Tutors meet-up in London.

This is an event open to all tutors, whether or not you are with an agency or registered with any other membership bodies. For those who stay on later, there’s excellent food at The Larrik Pub, which is a spacious gastro pub will a great relaxed atmosphere. The Larrik pub is easily accessible via public transport and is close to Edgware Road, Paddington, Baker Street and Marble Arch stations.

Looking forward to meeting you and feel free to contact me if you want to let me know you are coming 🙂