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Gas Tests Video Demonstrations for Chemistry

Anyone who knows me knows that two things that I really love are tutoring (with any practical element in it) and rock music. It is awesome that the two have been so flawlessly combined in this video.

Chemistry is really best experienced by doing experiments yourself. But that’s not always possible and thanks to the world of sharing videos, we now have the next best thing. To see videos of experiments. This is a lot better than reading about it. In this video a school Science teacher demonstrates the three core gas test that are relevant for GCSE and Common Entrance 13+ Chemistry. Here they are as shown on the video

  • Oxygen –  Will re-light a glowing splint.
  • Hydrogen – A squeaky pop sound is heard as the Hydrogen is lit.
  • Carbon dioxide – As Carbon dioxide gas is passed through clear limewater, it goes cloudy/milky coloured. Carbon dioxide will also put out a flame. This is why it is used in some fire extinguishers

So there you have it, a very clear and Joe Satriani type rock ‘n roll guitar soundtrack to demonstrate some of the most basic Chemistry gas tests. The tune is called “The Redshift Riders”. Satch must know his Physics as well to use that name 🙂

Independent Tutors Drinks – 19 November 2016 London

The November installment of our tutor social is here! Being an independent tutor can often be lonely business, so come out and meet some new work colleagues, exchange stories, tutoring tips, teaching resources and even pass on referrals. I have got some work through referrals from other tutors, this alone is invaluable.

  • Date : Saturday 19 November 2016
  • Venue : Tom Cribb Pub36 Panton Street, London SW1Y 4EA
  • Time : 6:00pm onwards
London Tutors Michael Dewar Atul Rana

London Tutors Meet-up

For those who stay on later, there’s excellent food at The Comedy Pub next doors. Tom Cribb pub is easily accessible via public transport and is very close to Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square tube stations in the heart of London. Looking forward to meeting you 🙂