Other Tutors

As a tutor I like to meet other tutors. I organise tutor meetups in London and along with my friend Henry Dingle I run the Indie Tutors Network which provides professional development to tutors.

Following is a list of tutors who I know and trust to be a true professionals, doing what they do not as a hobby or part time, but full time and after having amassed years of experience perfecting their craft.

Henry Dingle : English Essay and Maths for 14 to 16 year olds
Henry is a specialist tutoring GCSE students and is also into mentoring that age group. The starting point with all prospective students: “Will you take responsibility for your own learning?” is one of Henry’s keystones of tuition. With over 15 years of tutoring experience he is one of the most progressive and forward thinking tutors I have met in person and on video calls. We have tutored several students together before. He tutors from where he lives in Bristol and is one of the few online tuition specialists out there.
Henry’s website.

Richard Glascodine : Maths from KS2 to A Level, Foundation Engineering
I have honestly not met a more enthusiastic maths tutor with so much in common as Richard. He has a background as a qualified maths and music teacher and has worked in schools. He also trains apprentice Engineers and we connect on so many levels. He has a kindness and enthusiasm for the success for students that is infectious and he manages being a father of a newly born with his passion for tutoring. He has a very practical, application way of tutoring maths and Engineering which makes immediate sense for his students. He is based in Brighouse, Yorkshire and is moving to tutoring completely online.
Richard’s website.

Michael Dewar : French and Spanish up to A Level
Michael is based in London and is a full time tutor. We have taught many students together and compliment our subjects well. Michael is truly a language expert with a thorough knowledge of all the syllabuses. He also works with adults learning the languages.
Michael’s website

Nigel Straney : Chemistry A Level and IGCSE
Nigel has nearly 20 years teaching and tutoring experience, and is also an examination marker for one of the UK boards. He taught at an international school in Kuwait for 16 years. One of the pioneers of online tuition he’s been tutoring full time online for 3 years. Nigel has very well organised and meticulously prepared notes which are also avaialble as pre-recorded video lessons.
Nigel’s website

Matthew Barnes : Biology A Level and Medical School Entrance
Matthew is a true pioneer in online tuition. He is based in Devon, and has over 25 years of tutoring experience. What is unique about him is that he has 3 years of experience of only tutoring online. He is one of the most experienced only online tutors out there.
Matthew’s website

Nitisha Lalit : GCSE Maths, Cost and Financial Accounting
Nitisha is a chartered accountant having worked for some major accounting firms. She also has classroom teaching experience for both maths and Science.
Nitisha’s website

Alex Vearey Roberts : Maths and Physics A Level/GCSE/SAT/ACT
Alex has a PhD and degree in Physics from the University of Aberystwyth. He has 12 years of experience tutoring, and he also tutors online. He is based in Hampstead in London.
Alex’s website

Clare Turner : Maths and Physics GCSE/A Level
Clare has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering. She’s based in Manchester and she’s a total STEM enthusiast. She also makes her own resources and runs a YouTube channel with her own videos. She has been tutoring online for 5 years and is one of the early pioneers of tutoring online. Based in Manchester she also does lessons in person.
Clare’s website

Liz Pywell : English and Drama
Liz is based in York, she already has extensive experience of teaching at some top schools around the York area in North England. She is now a private tutor tutoring from home and one of the few English online tutors out there.
Liz’s website