Other Tutors

As a tutor I like to meet other online tutors and am deeply involved in organising tutor meetups and online communities of tutors.

Following is a list of online tutors, schools and companies who I know and trust to be the very best in delivering online tutoring and education out there. Every tutor here is a full time professional.

Paul Morgan : Chemistry A Level
Paul has been tutoring full time online for a few years now. A fully qualified and experienced teacher of Chemistry he was also a former nuclear waste research manager for the atomic energy authority in Sellafield.  I chat to him every week on video calls and have got to know him very well indeed.
Paul’s website

Catherine Rooke : Primary maths and Dyscalculia
Catherine is one of the best online tutors of any subject that I know of. She specialises in teaching primary maths and is the only other tutor I know of that can tutor Dyscalculia well online. This requires incredibly sophisticated teaching knowledge on top of technical knowledge to deliver it well online. She is creative, adaptive and an expert at homeschooling programmes. I make videos with her for tutoring online regularly.
Catherine’s LinkedIn Profile.

Richard Glascodine : Maths and Foundation Engineering
I have met Richard in person and communicate with him almost daily. He has a background as a qualified maths and music teacher and tutors both subjects online. He also trains apprentice Engineers and has a very practical, application way of tutoring maths and Engineering using manipulatives and picture methods. Based in Brighouse, Yorkshire he has mastered online tutoring in a matter of just two years.
Richard’s website.

Nigel Straney : Chemistry A Level and IGCSE
Nigel has nearly 20 years teaching and tutoring experience, and is also an examination marker for one of the UK boards. He taught at an international school in Kuwait for 16 years. One of the pioneers of online tuition he’s been tutoring full time online for 3 years. Nigel has very well organised and meticulously prepared notes which are also available as pre-recorded video lessons.
Nigel’s website

Matthew Barnes : Biology A Level and Medical School Entrance
Matthew is a true pioneer in online tuition and has been tutoring online longer than anyone else I know of. Based in Devon he has nearly 30 years of tutoring experience. He specialises in A Level Biology tutoring and in particular helping with medical school entrace.
Matthew’s website

Alex Vearey Roberts : Maths and Physics A Level/GCSE/SAT/ACT
Alex has a PhD and degree in Physics from the University of Aberystwyth. He has 12 years of experience tutoring, and he also tutors online. He is based in Hampstead in London.
Alex’s website

Liz Pywell : English and Drama
Liz is based in York, she already has extensive experience of teaching at some top schools around the York area in North England. She is now a private tutor tutoring from home and one of the few English online tutors out there.
Liz’s website

Air Maths Tuition
A 100% online maths tutoring company focused just on teaching maths, Air Maths Tuition also have collaborations with examsolutions.net. With a commitment to CPD for their tutors, they are a company I trust to provide good maths tuition online.
Air Maths Tuition – Website.

The Profs
The Profs are a tutoring company who I work with closely. They select only the best tutors and are very thorough with who they hire (my interview with them was 1.5 hours long!). Pioneers of online tutoring and founders of BitPaper (used by thousands of tutors worldwide), Education technology and tutoring community, they have some amazing tutors on their books who I personally meet at their tutor events.
The Profs – Website.