Dyscalculia Tutoring

I am an online Dyscalculia tutor and can help your child wherever you live in the world. Dyscalculia is often called maths Dyslexia. I have trained to be a Dyscalculia tutor through attending training courses, and consultation with experts and authors in this area. I am commited to helping those with Dyscalculia and my students have ranged from the age of 7 to age of 56. I currently have a range of Dyscalculia tuition students.

What is Dyscalculia?

According to the book by Trish Babtie, The Dyscalculia Solution:

  • A deficit in the core capacity to process numbers.
  • Inability to compare and enumerate small quantities, leads to difficulty acquiring basic numeracy.

Dyscalculia is about number sense, typically with the four basic operations. I have tutored a range of students who had Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, other Special Educational Needs and a combination of these. Not only have they overcome their learning difficulty but they’ve come to really enjoy maths and Science. One of my students eventually went on to do AS Level maths. Often the limiting belief has been that maths and Science are highly logical subjects that the student and parent think the child will never be able to crack. I have proven time and time again how wrong this is.

Typically my Dyscalculia tuition students are teenagers who are resitting their GCSE maths while at sixth form. I have also tutored children as young as 7 and adults. Dyscalculia is an issue that should be addressed at a much younger age and the use of cuisenaire rods and hands on concrete, manipulative objects to learn maths is invaluable for this.

Cuisenaire Rods

Tutoring a 7 year old with Dyscalculia using Cuisenaire rods.

How tutoring SEN students has been helpful to ALL my students

By tutoring SEN students I have learnt how the brain works for different personality types, which in itself is fascinating. I learn what the student’s concerns are, what his/her world looks like and how best to slowly help them build confidence in small chunks. Each student is truly unique, and bring to me a different life experience.

As a result I have become even more efficient at tutoring normal ability students as almost all of the special techniques used for SEN students can be applied to all students.

While the understanding of Dyscalculia is approximately 30 years behind in the understanding of Dyslexia, it is being understood and solutions are being presented slowly. In future I hope to bring many more resources, videos and publications to help.