Being Recognised as an Online Tutor

I have been quoted in an online blog as being one of the best online tutors in the world, how exciting and what an honor for my ego!

One of the great things about being an online tutor is that you can meet other online tutors. And this is such a small niche group of tutors that word spreads fast! And tutors learn and network with each other fast as well. I totally owe it to a couple of tutors I got chatting to online who mentored and encouraged me to go more and more online. And thanks to them I am now fully online.

But then I found that doing this really odd thing i.e teaching online, that no one thinks is possible, starts making a few little ripples and the ripples then turn into waves.

I felt like giving back to the online community of tutors. and I have joined a really great community of tutors at Joanne Kaminski’s group Become an online tutor. And when they wanted some advice on me for tutors starting up on the online game, I realised I actually know a lot about online tuition!

My advice was very simple really. It is that if as a tutor you are worried or scared about the technology aspect of online tuition and you feel you can’t provide the same value online as you can in person, then the best thing to do is just train with other tutors. I have even helped one tutor make her first ever Skype call and chat to me on video. This is a great soft step in getting used to online tuition.

I am one of 10 tutors giving advice in that article, and there’s other superb pieces of advice on there from other excellent online tutors. Some other advice is to get videos, set up a payment system, getting your online folders organised and thinking about that all important ‘why am I doing this?’ question that drives and inspires you to tutor. So here it is then, read my part in:

World’s Best Online Tutors Offer 10 Pieces of Advice For Starting an Online Tutoring Business

2 thoughts on “Being Recognised as an Online Tutor

    1. Atul Rana Post author

      Thanks Joanne, I look forward to getting more involved and I have got quite a lot of support out of the online tutors community already.


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